December 11th, 2018




Peace field, Adams National Historic Park (U.S National Park Service)

Oops…now it is 2017

March 18th, 2017

So now it is March 2017, and I have not been paying attention to this blog.  Much has happened, as of late, in the World.  There’s a lot to blog about…time to get crackin’.

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Where have I been?

November 23rd, 2013

OK – almost a year has gone by since my last post, but I am back!  Trying to get all sorted…will hopefully be making updates as the winter settles in and 2014 starts up.

Stay tuned!

And by the way, I did buy and install the NEST Thermostat – it is great!  More on that later…

Changes for 2013…

January 13th, 2013

…I’m debating whether I should buy a Nest thermostat

Happy 40th Ewan

March 31st, 2011


November 21st, 2010

Someday I am going to take this journey.

Ama Dablam

October 4th, 2010

Ama Dablam, Khumbu, Nepal

My friend Justin is climbing this mountain in Nepal. You can follow his trip blog at:  http://frostybalaclava.wordpress.com/

Kubric -vs- Scorsese

September 16th, 2010

(from jockohomo’s tumblr):

Kubrick vs Scorsese from Leandro Copperfield on Vimeo.

an old story about you…

July 30th, 2010

Second Person

You awaken to a door. You have slept in this room most of your life, but this door has never been there before. Moonlight floods in from a bay window and illuminates the solid, ancient frame. A glorious, glowing white oval line from the floor arches nine feet tall at the top. You see yourself in the standing mirror. Tonight, behind the standing mirror, instead of the wall, there is a door.

You have never been this frightened. The door is magnificent. You want to peel off sweaty bed sheets and run to investigate. You are drawn to it. Magnetized and hesitant. The fear is potent. You know there has only ever been a wall behind that mirror. Tonight there is a door. You want to run away. You want to touch it. You are frozen.

Something stirs. A play of light behind the frame. You want to know what is there, but you are afraid of what is waiting behind the door. You have never been this still and quiet. You wait. You stare. Hours pass. The bright sheen diminishes with the dissipating moonlight. You worship. Never before have you been this captivated. The door is alive. More alive than you. More permanent. Poetry. Riveting.

Dawn comes, and you think whatever is behind the door will push it open. In a blink, everything is as it was, and you are no longer sure what that means. You see yourself in the mirror and nothing except the wall behind it. You rush out of bed and topple over the mirror. Glass shatters. The brick and mortar wall is where it has always been. The door is gone.

You need it back. You wish you had touched it. The alarm clock goes off. 7:00 A.M. You do not take your eyes off the wall. The alarm beeps. Beep, beep. Beep, beep. You claw and push, but the door is gone. You shut off the alarm. 7:23 A.M. You are going to be late.

You stumble into the shower and try scalding water. Freezing. The temperature change does not snap you out of it. You are strung out. You can see the door when you close your eyes. One more look in the bedroom to assure yourself it is not there before you leave.

You almost cause multiple accidents on the commute. You put off everything that can wait at work and screw up the required assignments. You do not need caffeine. You are alert, but hazy. You are lost without the door. You yearn for it. You have never worked a longer day. When it is finally over, you run to your car and cut everyone off on the road home.

You are back in the bedroom and staring at the wall. You want an encore. Demand it. Night passes. After midnight, the moonlight cascades through the window, and the door appears exactly as you remember it. You are enthralled by its permanence. The seams and curves hypnotize you. You want to touch it, but whatever is there behind the door stands guard like last night. You are still afraid. You are again frozen. There was no mirage last night. You are not crazy. You feel blessed. Privileged. You are a willing servant, content to revel and bathe in the door’s presence.

You are more lucid than last night. You enjoy the fear. It is feeding on you. You feed on it. The moonlight hits just so, and you swear the door breathes. No sound, only a visual sensation. A bulge, but the door does not open. Less than a second. A blink, but it passes, and you remain still. You cannot move. You are more scared tonight, but the fear is like a drug, and you crave more.

Life. Death. You and the door.  Too soon the moonlight fades. The glow curving around the door disappears. You are afraid it is leaving forever. You want to open the door, but still cannot move. At dawn, it is gone again.

You do not linger this morning. You know now about the night. The moonlight. You will have to endure another day. You will pass it without quitting or being fired. Calm has replaced the uncertainty of yesterday. There was no illusion. It happened again. It will again tonight. You and the door. You are no longer afraid.
Work is a different challenge today. You are content. You tingle. You want to skip and jump and scream, but you do nothing. You do not want to share your secret. Apologies are made. You have not been yourself the past couple of days. Have not been sleeping. When you blink during your explanations, you can see the door. It occurs to you that you have not eaten, but you only hunger for the door.

You are back in the bedroom and staring at the wall. You wish you could speed up time. You decide the room is not right and move everything out of it. You get a chair and a marker and trace the door frame on the wall. Your life has a purpose. You will do whatever it takes. Whatever the door wants. You seat six inches from the wall and wait. Tonight questions will be answered. You are certain.

Lightning sparks around the room before midnight. Thunder. Tonight you will learn what is behind the door. You hope the moon rays will be able to penetrate the storm. Your anxiety passes when the door finally appears. A delicious surprise every time. The rainy darkness accentuates the glow around the frame. You want to stand up, but you are a statue. You do not realize how long you are fighting your body glued to the floor until the pounding rain stops. Clouds part, and bright dawn light beams through the window. You taste blood from a nosebleed.

You burst up and place both palms on the door. You must know. Cold. So cold, but a fleeting sensation. You push. You punch and pound and scream. Your hands bleed. Too late. The door is gone.

You miss work.

…this is your story, you tell me the rest



May 24th, 2010

I can’t get over the date. Would have expected to have had something to say by now. It’s been too long. I have been taken out of my comfort zone at work and putting in some long hours. It’s tricky bitching about my job when there are many who would love to have my problems. It’s all relative. But, that is not a consolation. I know when you get served lemons, you make lemonade. But, I am tired of drinking it in mass quantities.

One of the ‘perks’ of my new assignment was a trip to Kansas City. One week turned into could you please stay for two, and that was in March. I feel like I have been playing catch up ever since. When I first blogged on the updated PORF site, I was discussing my allegiances to professional sports teams. One of the things still in my mind was a February trip to see the Boston Bruins.

My friends and I spent the cash to sit in the Premium section. Don’t get me wrong. Being in a VIP section is nice. Really nice. But, the beer tastes the same. It costs the same. The seats for the game were fantastic. That was really what we paid for so it was worth it, but there is also a museum in this section you can walk around. The ticker prices are absurd considering the product. Many families can barely afford a game in the upper decks, let alone dream of getting up there. People should be able to see and be inspired by the memories and memorabilia. It still irritates me that the museum is only accessible to the lucky and the rich.

I’m too sad to say much about the BP disaster in the Gulf Coast. Where is the outrage? In this post 9/11, post Bush era are we that numb? What am I doing about it except bitching? Making lemonade isn’t working.

Keep an upper lip, boys and girls. Be the change you want to make. Or something.


Deep Green technology – Underwater Kites

May 17th, 2010

New out of Sweden – underwater kites producing electricity:


More info here.

Build your own Tornado

April 4th, 2010

Tornado week on The Weather Channel:

Skyscaper competition

April 2nd, 2010

eVolo | Architecture Magazine


March 24th, 2010

Places to watch Cornell play Kentucky NCAA basketball:


City: Boston
Location: The Sports Depot
Address: 353Cambridge Street, Allston
Contact: Thomas Pasniewski ’98
City: Foxborough
Location: CBS Scene (Cornellian owned or managed!)
Address: 200 Patriot Place
Contact: Thomas Pasniewski ’98
Notes: Located adjacent to Gillette Stadium with ample free parking. Half-priced appetizers. All wearing Cornell colors receive 25% off menu. CBS Scene giving away prizes. Want free wings? Go to CBS Scene website, complete your bracket, print it out and bring it with you!

Kipper and Me

February 7th, 2010

Today starts a week of bonding with Kipper, the family dog.

Why I love Weather(men)

January 31st, 2010

Important information regarding Pete B:


Smiley’s Blog

January 16th, 2010

2010!! Still coming to grips with that.

Reflections on Smiley’s trip to Amsterdam…

Invariably when I am on vacation I hit a point where I begin looking forward to coming home. Amsterdam is the one location I have ever visited where I have felt like I could stay there. Like maybe I could do something crazy and move away from everything and almost everyone I know and make it work there. Don’t get me wrong. That is not going to happen. There is a little of the grass is greener truth in that idea (no marijuana pun intended). There are many reasons why it might not work. And, I am not complaining. There are immeasurable things I truly need and enjoy here at home in the northeast of the US of A. But, I do love Amsterdam. I’m not quite like Bart & Lisa Simpson…take me to Mount Splashmore, take me to Mount Splashmore, but I think you get the idea. Whenever our future vacation plans come up, I always suggest it as a destination.

What can I share with you that hasn’t already been said? This isn’t Fodor’s. No one wants a blow by blow account, and we weren’t always blowing out marijuana smoke. I hate flying, but with our package deal, we stopped in Iceland for a couple hours. From Boston our flight was a red eye which I always struggle with. These combined flights were no exception, but we didn’t crash so I am not complaining. The good part of the layover was arriving later in the morning in Amsterdam. The first time Smiley and wife went to Amsterdam we arrived right after dawn. Everything was closed. Everyone was asleep. That was no fun passing time with our luggage. The airport is a quick train ride to the city, and our hotel was also conveniently close. It took us little time to check in an hit the streets for lunch (dinner for me).

The 2nd to last time I was in Amsterdam we went to Barney’s coffeeshop right from the airport. Barney’s was highlighted in one of our our guides as a great breakfast destination for the wake and bake crowd. Nothing shakes off the effects of a flight across the Atlantic like some eggs and a joint. Since then, Barney’s has expanded. The same coffeeshop is there, but across the street they have opened a new bar/restaurant. You can purchase you marijuana at the original and go across the street to smoke and eat. It was one of the best BLT’s I’ve had in a long time (included a fried egg). We had evening plans so we decided to walk back to take a little disco nap, but not before we made one more stop. The Grasshopper coffeeshop was one block from our hotel. They have an outdoor seating area. I bet it’s really nice during the warmer seasons. There was just something a little bit wonderful to be on the first day of our vacation and smoking a joint as people walked by.

We managed not to sleep the entire day away, had a simple, but yummy Italian dinner and headed to an Aids benefit party at Club Paradiso (sorry, that’s a guess on the name…its been over a month). This was really our first club venture in the multiple times I have been there. We’d seen some rock or punk shows, but not gone to a dance club. The timing for this event could not have been better for us. It started at 8PM. We were still jet lagged and unlikely to make it if it had started much later.

We had a blast. I still can’t get over that it was a Tuesday night and the benefit was slated to go until 4 am. The club was not enormous, but they made impressive use of the space. There were four different rooms mostly with DJ’s. The music was all over the place. The transition between acts could be erratic, but there was a fun buzz. Whatever lacked in the music choices was always helped by the various acts’ enthusiasm. It never got too crowded, but we did not stay there for the entire event. Nearer midnight it was getting harder to move around. It could be challenging trying to find the right room playing the best grooves or with the best energy, but we enjoyed the roaming. On the main stage, we saw an impressive all girl percussion band, comparable a little to Stomp. They had incredible energy. But that quickly dissipated as they tried to set up the next act with a DJ who would start from scratch to get the energy back. Then, when the DJ got there, they would stop the music and start a drag act. The drag outfits were most impressive, but I hate lip syncing as entertainment. The night was always really fun, but I want to give a sense of the ebbs and flows. There were many. My favorite moment was when a DJ opened with Barbara Tucker’s Most Precious Love. A yummy oldy. The club’s main room was hopping for that one. And, I am guessing it got crazier and there were many more interesting acts after we left.

Quite a first night.

We spent Wednesday until our departure, Sunday afternoon, exploring the city. I love that you can walk to everything. Some of the other reasons I think Amsterdam is great beyond the obvious are french fries (simple, right out of the fryer, perfect), bakeries (partial to the one across from the Dutch Flowers coffeeshop), chocolate stores, pancakes with bacon (part of the batter), and an excellent variety of friendly bars. There are also interesting museums. We’ve been to the Van Gogh museum many times. This trip we went to an evening event. They were serving beer and wine and had a DJ playing minimal techno. We also went to the Dutch Resistance museum. Definitely check this one out if you go there. It really made you think about the choices the citizens had to make. You can never know how you would react. What you might be capable of. We’re very lucky. Like not having to deal with a World War. So far.

There are many coffeeshops. All different varieties. A couple are places where the music seems to stop and they look at you funny. Those are a rare exception, but they exist. The vast majority are welcoming. Some are more interesting than others. The weed is always quality. And, the singular coolness of sitting down and sparking up around like minded people never goes away. I wish we had made another stop at Amnesia. The decor and welcoming chill factor was excellent. Nothing beats the Rokery, the one with big lounge. The day we arrived, it was sunny and almost hot. It was our best weather of the trip. With a combination of winter temperatures (our choice) and generally wet conditions, staying inside was mostly unavoidable. But, going to coffeeshops wasn’t all we did. One great find was a gin bar. I’m not a big fan of gin, but the variety they served me was excellent. The bar originally opened in the 1640’s, and you could kind of tell or feel that age and permanence. Very cool place. There are many places like this in Amsterdam. It is a city full of interesting nooks to explore.

We had a wonderful trip. It was super relaxing, and we really needed that. Who doesn’t right? Fortunately we were there and back before the latest airport crisis hit. I always make a point to go to the Abraxas coffeeshop before we leave. They have good food items to help with the flight home and all the annoyances that try to ruin that relaxed feeling you’ve acquired. It was some five weeks ago, but it seems longer. Hopefully there will be a next time soon.

…now if I could just figure out how to get to Ibiza.

JaiHo for Ellen

January 7th, 2010

I would like a flashmob for my birthday…readers of this blog, you have until August 24th to practice!

Winter is here..finally! Dec 21, 2009 12:47pm EST

December 21st, 2009


Time Banking

December 17th, 2009

A relative is the coordinator for the Napa Time Bank in Napa, CA – seems like a great idea!

Napa Time Bank: How it Works.