I can’t get over the date. Would have expected to have had something to say by now. It’s been too long. I have been taken out of my comfort zone at work and putting in some long hours. It’s tricky bitching about my job when there are many who would love to have my problems. It’s all relative. But, that is not a consolation. I know when you get served lemons, you make lemonade. But, I am tired of drinking it in mass quantities.

One of the ‘perks’ of my new assignment was a trip to Kansas City. One week turned into could you please stay for two, and that was in March. I feel like I have been playing catch up ever since. When I first blogged on the updated PORF site, I was discussing my allegiances to professional sports teams. One of the things still in my mind was a February trip to see the Boston Bruins.

My friends and I spent the cash to sit in the Premium section. Don’t get me wrong. Being in a VIP section is nice. Really nice. But, the beer tastes the same. It costs the same. The seats for the game were fantastic. That was really what we paid for so it was worth it, but there is also a museum in this section you can walk around. The ticker prices are absurd considering the product. Many families can barely afford a game in the upper decks, let alone dream of getting up there. People should be able to see and be inspired by the memories and memorabilia. It still irritates me that the museum is only accessible to the lucky and the rich.

I’m too sad to say much about the BP disaster in the Gulf Coast. Where is the outrage? In this post 9/11, post Bush era are we that numb? What am I doing about it except bitching? Making lemonade isn’t working.

Keep an upper lip, boys and girls. Be the change you want to make. Or something.


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